Camp of the Rising Sun
2019 Summer Camp Dates
July 1-5
at Camp Wanica
Celebrating 43 Years
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 Camp Fun!

The Mission of Camp of the Rising Sun is about giving childhood back to the children whose circumstances have limited them of the joy of the simplicities of life, and finding that within all children lies a great inner wealth and success.

Who We Are
Camp of the Rising Sun is a free summer camp program for Navarro and Freestone County students who are being served by the Special Education program in their school.  This would include those who are learning disabled, speech impaired, visually and/or hearing impaired, physically challenged, mentally ill, and mentally retarded.  Ages range from 5 to 16 years.

About Our Camp
The goal of this camp is to provide a successful experience.  The "CAN DO" philosophy is highly emphasized as the campers are encouraged to do and try things they have never done before.  At Camp of the Rising Sun, campers interact with each other; building a relationship with peers who share some of the same feelings and fears.  The campers realize they are not completely alone in their disability.  Camp of the Rising Sun campers learn disabilities do not limit them.  Every camper has the opportunity to participate in activities adapted especially for them. 

Occupational Therapy Program
To assist in designing these activities, Camp of the Rising Sun has entered into a contract with Navarro College and its students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program.  Activities are designed to promote self worth and empowerment appropriately and safely to meet the needs individually of each child.  Activities are offered in physical events, swimming, self-concept development and crafts. 

Our Camp Staff
The Staff is made up of adults, most of whom are teachers, college students, as well as some senior high students.  Camp of the Rising Sun also provides certified lifeguards as well as a Registered Nurse on-site.  Because these children require close supervision and TLC, the ratio of counselors to campers is higher than required.  One-to-one supervision is also offered to campers based on need.